Dom Pérignon opens the first Plénitude 2 Lounge in Spain at the Quique Dacosta Restaurant




A tribute to haute cuisine and the second life of Dom Pérignon

Quique Dacosta is awardes The Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts


“I feel honoured to have my work recognised along with that of other talented artists that I admire and who provide a constant source of inspiration both for me and my team”


Bob De Niro is one of us now


Quique Dacosta – who organized the meal -, Mauro Colagreco, José Andrés, Joan Roca, and Martín Berasategui, presented De Niro with a one-of-a-kind meal he’s sure never to forget

Cooking Beauty

Season Two

New Menu at Quique Dacosta Restaurant

Liquid harmony

José Antonio Navarrete

Sommelier and Maitre at Quique Dacosta Restaurant

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