28 de abril 2022

Dom Pérignon opens the first Plénitude 2 Lounge in Spain at the Quique Dacosta Restaurant


A tribute to haute cuisine and the second life of Dom Pérignon


Quique Dacosta, evolution and creativity 2016


El País says: “Quique Dacosta celebrates 26 years in the profession. Interestingly, the menu with which he has just inaugurated the season might be one of the most suggestive of all the ones I have sampled throughout his brilliant creative career.”

Paisajes Transformados

An exhibition by Quique Dacosta


The exhibition “Quique Dacosta: Paisajes Transformados” (Transformed Landscapes), which will open its doors tomorrow at Valencia’s MuVIM, constitutes another step in the award-winning chef’s desire to take his concept of cooking beyond the kitchen: a concept that has gathered national and international recognition.


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