A tribute to haute cuisine and the second life of Dom Pérignon

There is nothing more inspiring than the concept of a second life!

second life that adds value to a vintage, a dish, a product, a venue.

This is why we have created a perfect blend of values and synergies between two top brands such as Quique Dacosta and Dom Pérignon, which are synonym to experience, quality, and the best produce, to generate a second life, a feeling of plenitude, and long-term projects. A place where we can feel at ease by doing wonderful things with people who truly treasure our craft. Mutual trust operating in order to create a place where hedonism and utter enjoyment meet.

The starting point for this project lies in a majestic table which sits 20 and impregnates the venue with its elegance to attract diners who are eager to communicate, share, and enjoy themselves around it.

At the new Plénitude 2 Lounge of Dom Pérignon you will be able to discover and taste both a Vintage and a Plénitude 2 in the most exclusive environment specially conceived by Quique Dacosta and Dom Pérignon.

This monumental table, where diners will find a range of tasting menus to choose from, heightens the experience offered by the Quique Dacosta Restaurant.

The experience at the Quique Dacosta Restaurant revolves around a menu consisting of different acts.

The Plénitude 2 act pays tribute to Plénitude 2 and some core elements of our culinary culture, such as bread, fish, lamb, and, of course, wine. This act is not part of the Cooking Beauty II menu. It is an additional act and it is therefore to be paid separately.


Act: Flower bread – Fish bones – Lamb offal

Beverages: tasting of Dom Pérignon Vintage and a glass of Plénitude 2

Plénitude 2 Act: 220€ per person


In order to provide full experiences, we have conceived two options:

Menu Plénitude 2 – Cooking Beauty

Menu Cooking Beauty II (to be served at the Dom Pérignon Lounge)

2 bottles of Plénitude 2, 2003

Water and coffee

4’000€ for two persons


Menu Dom Pérignon – Cooking Beauty

Menu Cooking Beauty II

1 bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage

1 bottle of Plénitude 2

Water and coffee

3’200€ for two persons


A table is the centerpiece a chef’s natural habitat, a concrete representation of a historical landscape. This year Cooking Beauty will host the magic of Plénitude 2.

For additional information, please contact the restaurant at regular working hours.

If you would like to find out more about Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2, visit the web: