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Cuisine knows no boundaries, but it does have roots, and we are giving it the wings it needs to ensure that the sum of its parts provides unique, gastronomically imaginative, innovatively cutting-edge sensory experiences.
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The table is the perfect stage – and the food the right medium – to establish relationships through experiences; these ought to be shared, though social networks comprise an ever-growing part of this sharing. Behind this universal way of establishing relationships through experiences, there is the ancient human practice of gathering around the fire as a group, where our first complex social networks were born. It is in the routine of eating that community norms become ingrained from the day we come into this world. We cultivate our sense of taste together with other people in a socialising exercise that we continue throughout our lives.

Here, I cook in my own way, with my tastes, idiosyncrasies, abilities and shortcomings. To be honest, I don’t pay you too much mind when I take the first steps in building my story each year, but I always try to establish dialogue and communication with you, which I aim to convey via the wonderful language of cooking.

I asked myself: What elements of my work make me stand out in the cooking world? And what ones link me to others and to other disciplines? These questions led me into a maze of reflections; these, in turn, led to many questions. Is what I do in itself a style? Does it communicate new excitement? Does it communicate something back to me? I know that in all these years of work, many of the feelings of excitement I have followed have led to certain paths and opened the door to major questions that keep on evolving. I also know that there is a certain aura of aesthetic beauty to my dishes: “How beautiful your dishes are!”, “It’s a shame to eat them”, “They’re a work of art”, people tell me. I’ve been lucky enough to hear these things many times in my professional career, and this makes me proud. I embrace these affirmations, which follow me everywhere – I believe that aesthetics is a sense to be enhanced, as it is the first one that the diner experiences – and they are sometimes a springboard for inspiration. That’s why I wanted to take a deep dive into this term, “Beauty,” that was dominating my style...

Can a taste be beautiful? Is there beauty in a cuisine beyond aesthetics? Where can beauty be found? Is Cooking Beauty possible? How many kinds of beauty are there? What disciplines create beauty by their nature? Can I speak to them? And to their creators, often artists?

Cooking, my cooking, depends on precisely this: on generating encounters, confluences between human beings, real beings or things and ideal beings and/or ideas. In the kitchen, these three ingredients are blended in an extraordinarily creative way, and they allow me to express myself. The relationship between ideas, humans and things is key. I try to feed my emotions in order to feed yours. The ones that led you to sit at this table

Beyond aesthetics, beyond technique, and of course far beyond technology, beyond the land upon which I rely so deeply to express this work, even beyond the ingredients that I know that are at the heart of what creating is for us, there is a creative harmonic language in the ways in which foods are brought together, alighting at the table with a striking, sensory, beautiful language for the palate.

I believe in beauty as a tool for living, a steady beacon that nonetheless evolves and moves. I’m interested in creating from a place of beauty and harmony. Cooking Beauty is a language with an intellectual and intentional foundation that brings us together. I believe that there are many forms of beauty and that they express themselves in a multitude of ways; I, too, have shifted with them according to my moods.

In my quest to create Beauty, #CookingBeauty was born.

Cooking Beauty is a documentary that I’d like to invite you to watch.

Where is Beauty?

I suggest you listen to Beauty in order to feel it and enjoy it.


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