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Cuisine knows no boundaries, but it does have roots, and we are giving it the wings it needs to ensure that the sum of its parts provides unique, gastronomically imaginative, innovatively cutting-edge sensory experiences.
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I do what I do for the love of art, a very special friend once said in my series Una vida una Cena (The Dinner of a Lifetime).

I do what I do for love…

In a documentary inspired by our cuisine that we presented at the San Sebastian Film Festival “Cocinar Belleza”, my dear friend Vicente Todolí, who has an impeccable track record in the world of art (he is the director of TATE Modern in London, to mention just one of his merits), said that art is not a qualifying factor.

The expression “for the love of art” has multiple interpretations and moments…

Linking love and art in one single phrase can be sustained as a silent cry for help: because we go beyond love, beyond art, beyond the realization of what we do. However, we expect our public to understand, and of course respect, trust, and believe in something that goes beyond a merely physical action (cooking, in my case).

I do what I do for the Love of Art…

My work goes beyond transforming ingredients, beyond feeding, beyond an aesthetic quest, beyond harmony, beyond technique, flavor, produce, beyond myself. It goes beyond, it goes to you, it aspires to express something and communicate with you. Cooking is my natural language, my craft, my passion, my only way to inhabit this world.

A claim has been assigned to our cuisine: Cooking Beauty. The context is provided by a documentary where people from different disciplines, opinions, and arguments analyze this claim. In Cooking Beauty they talk about their sensitivity, their reflections and vision. The result is a succulent conversation that provided us with further tools to support our storytelling. There are no answers or rules, but thousands of questions and reflections that help us become better professionals and human beings. And we simmer it all in a transformative kitchen.

For this season and this Magazine’s last issue, we have gathered representatives of the world of Fine Arts so that they can express, according to their vision, vibration, and knowledge, what the expression “For the Love of Art” means to them. Because “For the Love of Art” is the title of this season at Quique Dacosta Restaurant.

A luxury indeed.

In the meantime, I am cooking For the Love of Art.

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