Sommelier and Maitre at Quique Dacosta Restaurant

In general, humans find it difficult to understand intangible things, things that come to us from an abstract idea. We could say that this category includes beauty, which is difficult to define when we talk about expressing intangible thing; how could we express the beauty of a wine, or the beauty of a recipe? Is there beauty in the dining room of a restaurant? And in serving food? Is ir beautiful to serve a wine?

In our profession, perhaps beauty lies in the gestures, in the meaning, in the simplicity of nourishing the expectations of something as simple as the art of eating together with the art of serving.

The lenguage of our trade revolves around a ephemeral art that lasts only as ling as each dish, each wine, the sum of small fragments that aspire to an artistic pleasure that is difficult to define.

Our harmony is the harmony between us and our customers. We are mere servants of the ephemeral beauty that lasts for the duration of each performance on the stage called The Restaurant.