Cooking Beauty is the new culinary proposal of Quique Dacosta, winner of three Michelin stars, to be enjoyed at his restaurant in Alicante’s city of Dénia. The chef, who was recently honored with the Golden Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, thus sets out to explore a fantastical, avant-garde and exciting journey, through harmonic and sensory expression that seeks to stir feelings and emotions.

“I believe in beauty as a tool for life, an ever-constant guiding light in movement and evolution. I am interested in creating based on beauty and harmony,” stated the chef, who views the concept of Cooking Beauty as a “language with an intellectual and intentional foundation that draws together,” with the assumption that “there are many kinds of beauty, expressed in a multitude of ways.”

With this new menu for 2021, Dacosta and his team leap beyond mere aesthetics, technique, technology, the product and the region (with which he continues to be absolutely intertwined in order to express himself), attaining a harmonic and creative language that embraces senses and beauty in the palate.

“Can a flavor be beautiful? Is there beauty in cuisine, beyond aesthetics? Where is beauty? How many beauties exist? Which disciplines create beauty by nature?” Never-ending questions that the chef has been asking himself about this concept, and whose response is now embodied on his menu for 2021 at Quique Dacosta Restaurante.

The chef’s beauty and artistic inspiration for food were researched and analyzed by two of the most prestigious publicists, Toni Segarra and Jorge Martínez, and The Mediapro Studio, who created Cocinar Belleza (Cooking Beauty), a documentary inspired by his work.