Let’s start the year talking about a dish that has become an icon of our cuisine. Our almond nougat manages to bring a miracle of nature to the table: the moment when the almond blossoms fall from the trees. The inspirational spark. It is visually beautiful and representative of spring, a season filled with life.

The dish is presented with different creations made with Marcona almonds at various stages of ripeness: milk, delicate paper, creamy nougat, as well as the young nut itself. The fat component of this nougat comes from the ‘pato’ prawn which, despite not being very well known, is a very interesting creature and most flavoursome.

Furthermore, it was created to challenge the seasonality of a typical creation from Alicante: turron or nougat. Tradition has dictated that we should only eat this at Christmas. But it is a product that can be made and eaten all year round. Nougat is laden with artisanship, tradition and sweet moments of memory.