Culture takes on meaning if it is put on display and shared.

What better place than the table to share our way of life (the modern and the traditional)? That culture which has been handed down to us and its values, which enable us to build a future that is always close to it.

In 2017 it all came together by creating an exhibition in which products, producers and chefs shared their everyday endeavours, the ancient legacy and their innovative spirit, thus generating synergies with all the disciplines that sit - or could sit - around the table of the culinary arts, so they can provide and contribute their knowledge, for learning and culture and for the prospering of innovation.

It is a biennial international festival in which we hope to promote our small and large producers, those who have common values beyond the scope of their products (sustainability, respect for the environment, respect for others and respect for other living beings).

Always open to the world, as has been typical throughout our history. The sum of cultures for learning and opportunity. For this reason, and within the framework of UNESCO’s creative cities in gastronomy, its representatives, who like us have received this recognition, provided us with their legacy. In addition, great chefs from around the world shared their experiences to build knowledge and encourage reflection.

The D*NA Festival, rooted in Denia, is the main showcase for this way of Mediterranean life and this culinary/tourist destination. The D*NA Festival is an idea by Quique Dacosta, which has come to fruition at the hand of many different agents and people who have made it possible.

The Festival set up a gastronomic representation of the territory (really, the territories) on the Marineta Cassiana boardwalk. A scan of the local DNA and that coming from the outside. A plurality that enriches the experience: chefs from other autonomous communities and from the Valencian Community that clearly show the diversity of the DNA in our region.

A 400-meter table facing the sea and in the shade of Montgó Natural Park served as a reason to gather together restaurant operators and producers, with a variety of different offerings that are very much our own.


It was not just an exhibition or a place to come to eat and share, rather in the end it became a place to meet and learn. The two stages, which had something going on practically the entire day, were the focal points of knowledge for all audiences. Children had their own space, where they could learn and have fun. Traditional and modern music also had a spot, to everyone’s delight.

The most marvellous part of this D*NA Festival Denia has been the capacity to bring together different sectors and the residents of both this town and others near and far, all with the same interest: cooking, coexisting, consuming, contributing. Everyone made the festival their own. Everyone is to be credited for its success.

UNESCO‘s Creative Cities in Gastronomy also enjoyed our singularities and at the same time contributed more international knowledge. We are very lucky to belong to this network, which can provide a lot for us all.

Hospitality, affection, good work...these are the values that emanated from this boardwalk, which belongs to everyone.

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy, but a special thanks to those who worked to make it possible: chefs, producers, restaurant operators, artisans and to all the association and institutions, public and private, collaborators, organizers and sponsors.

Very special appreciation goes to our team in both Denia and Valencia. For their support, complicity, good work and commitment. For believing day after day in this trade and for making each of the projects we undertake grand and excellent. Without you, nothing would be possible.

This has been a joint achievement. It goes to show that by working and striving for excellence, things work and people feel proud to take ownership of it.

Until the next D*NA Festival Denia.