It is not easy to find this product, particularly with the quality and freshness necessary to produce something unique and out of the ordinary.

Cuttlefish egg is therefore a challenge. A challenge due to its delicate taste and original texture, which when fresh has become an obsession of mine. Especially when introducing a product that is as ours as it is unknown to haute cuisine.

Very very fresh cuttlefish egg, glazed in hazelnut butter, and emulsified for sixty seconds. Which is sufficient time to produce a silky and firm texture in the mouth, and enhance its flavour. Cooking-emulsifying takes place in a ladle with its coral, which breaks down due to the movement, creating an orangey, unctuous and fragrant pil-pil sauce. Chop the egg into irregular pieces and drop a few flakes of damp salt from Santa Pola on top.

And that's it. Simplicity. One of those nibbles you will never forget. In the mouth the sweet sensation of eating marine silk, and a refined flavour with that light touch of hazelnut butter which adds maillard to a nibble that combined with corn salad leaf seduces due to its extreme fragility, freshness and wateriness.

We're now curing cuttlefish eggs. We're going to make something magical and different. We'll keep you informed.