On July 1st

We're back. For us, the time is now. We're excited to be back. With all our energy, passion, zeal and commitment, we are finally opening the doors to Quique Dacosta Restaurante. We want to return all the affection and trust you have given us over the past decades. Our goal now is to feel passion for the little things we were forced to put, for a time, on the back burner.

We request that you sit at our table. We want to serve you, to feed you, to cling to the memories of the tiny details that suddenly took on incalculable value. We are going to cook for you, offering unique value to a luxury from another time. I am offering to help rebuild and experience memories anew, those memories which, with the passage of time, have grown to become beautiful tokens of excitement.

I cling to an even deeper appreciation of the things that have accompanied me in my trade for the past thirty years. I am closer than ever to my team, to designing an original experience, one with personality, that sparkles, with fantasy and ingenuity. Liberating.

It is a source of pride for my family, for my team and for me that, for so many years, you have chosen to sit at our table, without even asking us what we have to offer. The trust you place in us by sitting at our table, to enjoy life sifted through our cuisine. I have heard you and want to return your affection with our work, with the creativity and brilliance of the people around me.

We suggest a menu with all the values, flavors, inquisitiveness and fears, as well as the joys, that have accompanied us, those with which we have laughed and enjoyed. The culture and the region make us value one another. They also make us move, always through the healing vehicle and language of beauty.

Let us find one another again. Let us find the value of the things that before, for many different reasons, were hardly noticeable. A stroll through Las Rotas or the kitchen, an ocean breeze, its scent, Navarrete's ingenious and literary wines, an aperitif in the garden, the art of serving, the luxury of being served... This is about going back and experiencing, once again, our best memories.

We will continue to stage all the authenticity of our experience, crafting a journey through all the senses. We want to accompany you on the path of unique, different experiences. Let us take firm, safe steps in the present moment, with nostalgia for the past we have lived and enjoyed. This way, together, we can begin to weave our future.


Quique Dacosta


1 July 2020

From Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch and dinner


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