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Cuisine knows no boundaries, but it does have roots, and we are giving it the wings it needs to ensure that the sum of its parts provides unique, gastronomically imaginative, innovatively cutting-edge sensory experiences.
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DNA The Search in essence represents the search of a territory: our territory, my territory. Based on the testimony and memory of those that have transmitted flavours, ways of cooking and preserving food to us, and the support of those who agitate and conserve culture, produce, trades, and methods. All of which today constitutes a treasure.

Conservation, recovery and progress are decisive for any cuisine wishing to have a close relationship with its environment, with the DNA that forms us. We now wish to embody, and constantly delve into lost ingredients, and forgotten flavours, narrated by local elders who have a lot to say to us in our own language. We believe in this work and are dedicated to it, in cooperation with all those that wish to form part of a cuisine, with a new set of codes.

I feel there is a new language that expresses a territory full of beauty, transformed into food.


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